Tutors (Our team)

Ing. Vojtech BELLUŠ – Tutor for the analysis of learning processes and learning management systems (LMS)

He studied economics with a specialization in finance. In its more than twenty year experience in running the IT field in the implementation and provision of supporting services for ERP software applications and LMS acted as supervisor, project manager, process manager and lecturer. After 2005 he worked in management positions in major IT companies (NESS Slovakia, IDS Scheer, Kontis Slovakia). Since 2009, specializing in process management and e-learning in commercial organizations. Currently a member of the Technical Committee 37 – Information Technology at SITS and subcommittee chairman SK 36 for teaching, learning and training. At the same time as P – a member of the voting representatives of Slovakia in an international organization of ISO, in its technical commission and subcommission JTC 1 SC 36 for e-learning, education and training.

Jaroslav VERLÍK – Tutor for multimedia e-learning content development

Professional career began in 1997 as editor of newspapers in Kosice Evening News was more than a reporter. In 2004, a book series published reports. A year to be participated in the weekly issue as editor and aspiring graphic designer. From this period, intensive education in graphic design as a graphic magazines and newspapers in Adobe Creative Suite. Several years graphic pre-press products for various companies, publishers and clients. Od 2007, is devoted almost exclusively to training, online courses, create e-learning content, the creation of digital publications and Internet publishing. Proofread Acrobat, Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop, Soundbooth, Presenter, Captivate, Flash and Flash Catalyst. Education: University of J.A. Komenský Prague – specialization in pedagogy: adult education (andragogy). Member of the Association of Institutions for Adult Education of the SR, the holder of accredited courses, computer graphics and web design Ministry of Education.

Mgr. Jozef ZÁPOTOCKÝ – Tutor for Learning Technologies web development

He graduaded from the Faculty of Natural Sciences Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, after leaving school joined directly to the educational process as a lecturer computer science at the University of P.J Šafárika. Since 2007 is also given to commercial web design and development of websites and their knowledge and skills transmitted to computer courses. It deals with the creation of static and dynamic websites, CMS and LMS formation systems, e-shops etc. Proofread MS Office applications – Word, Excel, Power Point, Access, Dreamweaver and HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL. In the area of e-learning application programming LMS.

PhDr. Martin Zibrín – Accredited lecturer Slovak Ministry of Education

Accredited by the Ministry of Education lecturer, auditor, trainer and expert consultant on team building, philosophy lecturer Servant Leadership, Project Management and Soft Skills – graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the Unbiversity of Matej Bell Banská Bytrica – Department of tourism and catering and the University of Ján Amos Komenský Praha – Department of Adult Education in the field of andragogy – adult education. Author and tutor e-learning course on “Preparing to launch the operation or implementation of self-employment – job applicants through e-learning”.